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Vulcania is a fun and scientific theme park. This attraction park enables you to better understand how volcanoes, our planet and our universe work!
Located 7km from the Relais des Puys, right in the centre of the Auvergne volcanoes, Vulcania has developed an educational calling on the subject of volcanology and natural phenomena (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) with around twenty attractions!

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Vulcania, just 10 minutes or 7km from Le Relais des Puys

These attractions include numerous innovative technologies for creating unforgettable experiences: 3D films, motion-simulator seats and baskets, 180° screens, a tethered balloon which will take you 150 metres up into the sky, immersive trails, giant screens of 415m², futuristic vehicles for checking out the neighbouring volcanoes…

New for 2018: a shuttle from Relais des Puys to Vulcania

The Vulcania shuttle has a stop (La Baraque) just 200 metres from the hotel and will take you to the park for 3€ (return 6€).



2018 - Ready to handle the forces of nature?

Throughout the season, the park has events and five highlights on offer:

  • Every day from 7th April to 13th May. Discover and explore the largest lava lake on the planet!
    Nyiragongo, journey to the centre of the Earth.
  • Weekends from 19th May to 1st July. Rise to the challenge of the Volcanoes with Professor Yapadrisk!
    Quizzes, "Experience the heat" show, challenges, scientific workshops...
  • Every day from 7th July to 24th August. Time for a thrill and a performance!
    It's a hot hot summer at Vulcania: volcanic characters, Science Challenges, experience corner...
  • Every day from 5th September to 19th October. Attend the birth of a hurricane!
    3D Film on giant 415m² screen.
  • Every day from 20th October to 4th November. Go and discover lost legends, a dragon special!
    Unusual settings, street theatre and special events.

New for 2018

  • "Hurricane" film  In the eye of the storm!
    Discover the history of Hurricane Lucy! Originating in Africa, it crosses
    15,000km of deserts, savannas, oceans and forests to reach a speed of 200km per hour when it arrives in Cuba. Measure the breadth of this phenomenon, feel its destructive yet life-saving power, and dive into a world where thrills and emotions come together.
    Giant screen, Dolby Atmos sound.
  • "Earthquake" experience When the Earth moves!
    The direct consequence of plate tectonics, earthquakes are testament to the geological life of our planet. Browse this exhibition to understand earthquakes, insignificant on a global scale but life-changing for man. Admire the work of the scientists and rescue-workers who focus all their attention on this phenomenon and the prevention of risks.
    200m² exhibition, 6 themes.
  • "Large Scale Nature" outdoor pathway With Ushuaïa TV.
    Illustrated by symbolic sites, most of which are listed as UNESCO heritage sites, this pathway brings up some big environmental topics. These natural sites that are so fragile, or even endangered, are presented on a large scale and reveal all their beauty.
    Large scale photo exhibition.

The discovery events and trails are arranged in three themes:

  • EMOTIONS: Large Scale Nature / Hurricane / Premier Envol / Le Ballon des Puys / La chaine des puys en relief / Volcans sacrés / Regard sur les volcans / Tunnel des nuées ardentes/ Odyssée magique…
  • SENSATIONS: Réveil des géants d’Auvergne/ Dragon ride / Abyss explorer / Terre en colère
  • DISCOVERY: Earthquakes / Planète dévoilée / Coin des expériences / Machine Terre / VolcanBul / Cité des Enfants


 For children and adults alike, the attractions on offer are enthralling: plunge into the depths of our planet and into the fantastical world of dragons in "Dragon Ride", discover the worlds under the sea in "Abyss explorer", find out what a tornado is like from the inside in "Tornado Alley" and of course learn more about volcanoes and the origins of our planet!


Good deal: for priority access, buy your tickets from Le Relais des Puys. This way you'll have as much time as possible to enjoy all the attractions at Vulcania. To visit Vulcania in low-season, you need one day. In peak season, you can buy a ticket for a second day (adults 10€, children 6.50€, young children 4€).



Vulcania app

Make the most of your visit!
Available free on the App Store or Google Play, the app gives you the timetables for all the events. You can plan your day in the park beforehand, and take advantage of the best route suggestions.
View the map of the site, work out where you are with GPS, create a list of things you want to see and do and keep up with the park's latest news.

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