10 minutes from the Relais des Puys  Lemptégy Volcano Clermont-ferrand

10 minutes from the Relais des Puys

Lemptégy Volcano

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Lemptégy Volcano

Just 2 minutes from Vulcania, and 10 minutes from Le Relais des Puys, come and immerse yourself into the heart of a real volcano!

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Le Volcan de Lemptégy hôtel - Le Relais des Puys

Lemptégy Volcano, 10 minutes or 8km from Le Relais des Puys


Lemptégy Volcano, an "open-air" volcano, enables you to discover the inside of a real volcano, on foot or on board a little train. Lemptégy Volcano has long been used as a volcanic scoria quarry: pozzolan which enables access to the inside of the volcano.

Lemptégy Volcano offers several attractions and activities for you to enjoy during a visit of around 2 and a half hours

Guided tour to discover the volcano, its chimneys, bombs and scoria, accompanied by a volcanology-enthusiast as a tour guide. You can visit on oot or on board a little train! You can continue your visit with "The soul of Lemptégy", to find out about the machines that were used in the quarry.

Dynamic 4D film "the origins", How an aerial tour over the Chaîne des Puys transforms into an impressive journey back to the era of eruptions… How was Lemptégy Volcano formed? What size and shape was the volcano before its utilisation? What does the volcano look like from the sky? This film was created from aerial views of the Chaîne des Puys and leading technology in the CGI field.

Dynamic attraction « Volcan’Express » unveils all the secrets of the formation of the Chaîne des Puys and the Faille de Limagne (unesco World Heritage). A sensory and emotional 4D cinema experience...

  • Guided tours
  • Little train to get right inside the volcano
  • Dynamic 4D films "the origins"
  • Fun attraction "the exploding mine"
  • Space exhibition
  • Quarry equipment

Good deal: for priority access, buy your tickets at Le Relais des Puys.


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