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L'Aventure Michelin

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L'Aventure Michelin

A stone's throw from the Marcel-Michelin Stadium, the home of ASM rugby, discover the Michelin innovations that revolutionised the way we travel

L'Aventure Michelin, 15 minutes or 9km from Le Relais des Puys


From the first removable pneumatic tyre to the future lunar wheel, via maps, guides and don't forget the legendary Michelin Man, there's an exceptional world waiting for you!

L’Aventure Michelin is not just a museum devoted to the history of tyres, even if the invention of the removable pneumatic tyre revolutionised the way we travel with its applications in the car, bicycle and motorcycle industries in particular.

You will find out how, over the course of the company's history, MICHELIN built aeroplanes (Bréguet) and trains (the famous Michelines), initiated an aeronautical challenge, published a landing guide in 1944 for soldiers, as well as maps and restaurant guides and was also a pioneer in marketing and publicity.

L’Aventure Michelin is divided into 10 spaces:

  • The origins of MICHELIN
  • Driving on air
  • Aviation pioneers
  • The Micheline: innovation on the rails
  • The social dynamic
  • Engineering good publicity
  • Helping and guiding travellers
  • The revolution of the radial
  • Mobility issues of tomorrow
  • Showroom and Ludospace

L’Aventure Michelin is also focused on the future, as it has a space for displaying innovations and the mobility of tomorrow

L’Aventure Michelin is something that can be enjoyed as a family, with children - you don't need to be a car enthusiast, technophile or an innovation fan to have a good time! Allow around 3 hours.


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